ADP Warns of Phishing Emails to Payroll Clients

We were made aware of an issue that ADP is reporting with some of their Payroll customers. Here is the text of the warning message they are sending their clients:

“ADP is receiving reports of a phishing email scam targeting ADP EasyPayNet clients who perform their payroll via the Internet.  Phishing email scams are designed to mimic legitimate websites and are intended to compromise your login credentials.  The email is fraudulent and did not come from ADP.  Please immediately delete the email and do not click on any links in the email or enter any login information.  Please be aware that ADP would never send an email asking you to provide or enter your login credentials for any reason.”

Here is a screenshot of the Phishing Email:

Sample of ADP Phishing Email

Sample of ADP Phishing Email

We have a reader submitted example of another ADP Phishing Email circulating in July 2012, this version actually brings you to a site hosting known malicious code and un-protected systems will become infected if they follow the links:

Another ADP Email Phishing Message

Another ADP Email Phishing Message – reader submitted, thanks to Bob B.

Are you still receiving these Emails? Received a different one? Let me know. – Joe