Episode Summary of the PRapalooza on Blogtalkradio (Podcast)

I had the great opportunity to interview some veteran’s of PR and new media on my PRapalooza episode on Blogtalkradio. If you’re looking for a primer on new media and PR this is a great opportunity to learn more from the pros. Here are some highlights that were addressed:

  • The differences between PR and Marketing
  • The biggest changes in and the future of PR
  • Effective use of (limited) time in social media
  • PR / Blogger relations
  • How much all of the panelists love Twitter
  • Spin Sucks
  • Learn why these panelists blog

Listen to the episode while you read on:

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Quotables (don’t worry these are just a few of many):

I don’t know how Danny does it, he is a blogging machine.” – Shonali Burke

PR people don’t pay attention to bloggers unless they are the a-listers.” – Gini Dietrich

“You’re always as influential as your audience allows you to be.” – Danny Brown

Worthy mention:

Danny Brown suggested that Robert Scoble probably would not be a good candidate for promoting cow manure. He made his point and we all got a good laugh out of it. This was not the only comic relief by our friend Danny Brown.

Best Question and Answer:

Question from Ike in the blogtalkradio chat: (Hey Ike, if you’re reading this send me your Twitter handle so I can cite you properly)

“What is the biggest business world misconception about PR that you’d like vanquished?”:

The idea that PR Professionals are spindoctors, that they lie to stories placed for their our clients makes me absolutely insane” – Gini Dietrich


Where to find my distinguished guests:

Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich or http://spinsucks.com
Danny Brown @dannybrown or http://dannybrown.me
Shonali Burke @shonali or http://waxingunlyrical.com


I like to ask my guests who some of the “lesser known” people are that they follow that we should watch. Here are the lists by panelist:

Shonali Burke’s Recommendations:

Herwin Icasiano @iherwin
“Wedge” @wedge
Steve Crescenzo @crescenzo

Gini Dietrich’s Recommendations:

Jason Verhoosky @jasonverhoosky and http://streamingcreative.com
Scott Hepburn @scotthepburn and http://mediaemerging.com
Joe Thornley @thornley and http://propr.ca
Jon Buscall @jonbuscall and http://jontusmedia.com
Becky Johns @beckyjohns and http://becky-johns.com
Marijean Jaggers @marijean and http://marijeanjaggers.com
John Heaney @johnheaney and http://orange-envelopes.com/blog
Craig Jarrow @tmninja and http://timemanagementninja.com

Danny Brown’s Recommendations:

Tim Jahn @timjahn and http://beyondthepedway.com
Antonia Harler @antwizzel and http://socialglitz.com
Shannon Boudjema @shannonboudjema and http://shannonboudjema.com
Troy Claus @troyclaus and http://troyclaus.com

If you’re listed here and have a blog you’d like me to link to, please leave it in the comments below.

Listeners, what was the highlight of the program for you? Any key take aways?