Baragwanath Blessings Inc. Founder Colette Ankenman (Podcast)

I had the honor to interview a very dedicated young lady on my September 22, 2010 Blogtalk Radio podcast. This young woman – Colette Ankenman as a senior in high school done more to serve others than most people could hope to do in their lifetimes.

“It’s very important to me to feel that every baby and child feels like they are important and loved.” -Colette Ankenman

Baragwanath Blessings, Inc. LogoColette’s journey started during an 8th grade community service project at the Athenian Middle School. She knew she wanted to do a project to help babies and children around the world. After learning about the situations mothers and babies were experiencing at Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa, Colette was convinced that something needed to be done. At Baragwanath Hospital mothers are released six hours after giving birth and their babies are often sent home not wrapped in blankets but either newspaper or plastic. Colette ended up sending her first international aid in the form of knitted hats and blankets to a family friend in South Africa. Those hats and blankets ended up being given to new born babies at Baragwanath Hospital. In 2009 Colette founded Baragwanath Blessings, Inc. and is seeking a life of service. This interview provides some insights into the steps involved in founding a non profit and serving others. Listen to her story and be inspired, I was truly inspired by her passion, organization and achievements.

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