Fixing our Broken System with Carol Roth [Podcast]

I’ve been engaging in more discussions about the issues our country faces and the gridlock in our political system lately. Today a friend and past guest of the Podcast Carol Roth was tweeting something that Gerri Willis from Fox Business Network had asked on Twitter.

“Who’s to blame for Washington gridlock? Rebublicans, Democrats or Both?” –Gerri Willis

This was a hot button issue for me so I quickly responded to Carol to invite her to discuss it on my podcast today.


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Podcast - Our Broken System


My answer to this question was that we are all to blame. We’re not coming together to work on what we agree on and we’re being manipulated based on interests. Carol had quite a bit of perspective to share on the issue, listen in to learn about how we can simplify this process.


“People are blaming the symptoms instead of looking at the disease” – Carol Roth

This episode was live on Blog Talk Radio on 12/21/2011.

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